Special Thanks

The last four months have been remarkable in so many ways. I am so humbled by the number of people who voted for me, who donated to my campaign, who volunteered their time, who cheered me on and challenged me. As I reflect each day, I find new aspects of this experience to be grateful for. While there are not words enough to thank everyone for all your support and encouragement, I want to publicly express my most gushing praise to the people who fundamentally made this campaign possible:

To my mom, Kathi Port, and my stepdad, Tom Port — You have always been there through the ups and downs in my life, so I knew you would be with this. But I had no idea what incredible champions you would be, how many doors you would knock, how many forums you would attend, how much pride you could articulate on my behalf. It isn’t easy to walk this district day after day even at my age, but you did it with so much energy, you inspired the rest of us (and some days put us to shame). You have been the best parents and volunteers anyone could ever have, and I am so deeply grateful for all you do for me, my family and the Northwest Denver community you both grew up in.

To my fiancé, Joel Allie — Thank you for being the most generous and thoughtful person I know. You always jump 100% on board with my crazy ideas, no questions asked, and enthusiastically support me through it all. When I worried that I didn’t have a treasurer, you volunteered to keep the finances in line, enter all the donations and do all the reports. When I needed to bounce ideas off someone, you gave me constructive feedback, and when I needed to whine, you listened. When I needed someone to hang banners, knock doors, make pins, deliver yard signs, take care of the kids, get more printer ink, stand in line for breakfast burritos, or dress up as my Napoleon Dynamite — you were always there, with your contagious smile. You gave up all of your free time to help run my campaign and pursue something important to me. Thank you. I’m so glad I’m marrying you. You are definitely a keeper. And now, I will finally have time to plan the wedding!

To my children, Sebastian and Adriana — Thank you for being patient and for understanding how important it is to serve our community. Thank you for knocking doors with me. Thank you for giving up your time with me and listening to me say the same things over and over at meetings. Thank you for forgiving me for missing your concert and for not being able to take you to dance. And let me fix one mistake I made by appropriately crediting you for making the amazing hamster campaign video and telling people they can find more of your awesome videography and games at AmiStuff.com. I know the RV with my big sign on it was a huge embarrassment, but I hope some day you will look back on this experience fondly.

To my longtime friends, Gio Toninelo and Jennifer Le Grand, of Rockethouse Pictures — I can’t thank you enough for so generously donating your time and talent to make my amazing campaign videos. They were so important to our being able to spread the word about the campaign and my policy proposals. We could not have done it without you. Some night we need to have a bloopers viewing.

To my lifelong friends, Sarah Kreidler and Jon Schoeffel — When you said you’d do anything but knock doors, you had no idea how much data analysis and data entry I was going to ask of you instead. That was a lucky trade off for me. Because I didn’t have the data infrastructure most candidates get from their political parties, I would have been out of the game before it started without you. You were my secret weapons. Thank you for building me new list after new list, and entering walk list after walk list, many times late into the evenings and on very short notice. You’re the best. We will celebrate with a vegan feast soon!  

To Nancy Mitchell and Ingrid Porras-Gonzales — Thank you for spending hours helping get my website launched on short notice, completely translated in Spanish (not using Google) and updated regularly with endorsements and events. I learned so much from you both at DPS, and I’m honored that you donated your time to work on my campaign.

To the other candidates I ran alongside — As opponents, we have worked together, we have listened to one another, we have learned from each other, and we were all better candidates in the end because of it. I hope you all stay involved because our community needs people with big hearts and big ideas, and who are willing to work hard to make a difference. And I hope you all stay in touch. We still need to hold that forum where we give each other’s speeches.

And to everyone who helped in so many ways — your efforts contributed much to this campaign. Because of you, in just four months, we:

  • Raised $21,268 entirely from individuals and small businesses with average donations of less than $100 and zero special interest money
  • Held 11 meet and greets
  • Attended 12 candidate forums (two televised, one radio and one canceled twice due to snow)
  • Completed 25 candidate questionnaires
  • Placed signs in 234 yards
  • Knocked on 8,442 doors (I averaged 21,000 steps per day!)
  • Reached 15,545 people via Facebook promotions and amassed 512 loyal Facebook followers
  • Mailed to 11,929 households
  • Made 22,244 impressions through internet advertising
  • Texted 10,810 likely voters
  • Earned 2,470 votes!

You helped me propose policies that would prioritize smart growth, a strong economy, and safe, healthy and welcoming neighborhoods — for all of us. You helped me demonstrate what our community is capable of when we work together. I am so proud of all we accomplished, and I hope you are too.

Eternally grateful,