A brighter future — for all of us

During my campaign to represent District 1 (Northwest Denver) on Denver City Council, I talked about how growing up in a large, diverse family taught me to value different perspectives and to actively listen to those with differing viewpoints. I learned that, when we take time to get to know one another, we can almost always find some common ground to build on and develop solutions to complex problems.  

After the May 7 election, I sat down with both the remaining candidates vying for the District 1 Council seat in the June 4 runoff to listen with an open mind.

Mike Somma asked to meet with me to discuss the future of Northwest Denver. He thanked me for the ideas I brought to the race, and said he wants to work together to incorporate my policies into his platform because he believes they will make our city a better place. He told me he had followed up on critiques I had, and looked into ways he could learn and improve. He asked me to stay involved, and to let him know what he can do better.

Amanda Sandoval also asked to meet with me. She dismissed my concerns about the amount of developer money she has accepted, she cautioned that I shouldn’t endorse her opponent, and she never asked for my endorsement.

My campaign was about bringing people together. In a time when our city is changing so rapidly, we can draw divisions between us and dig in our heels, or we can look for solutions and build a vision for the future together.

In the unofficial final count, nearly 2,500 people put their trust in and voted for me. I have taken that responsibility very seriously as I’ve considered whether and whom to support in the runoff.

We need a leader who is willing to ask tough questions, consider differing perspectives and do what is best for the people of Northwest Denver. I am endorsing Mike Somma because he has expressed genuine interest in working with others, listening and learning — values that align with the foundation of my campaign, and that I believe will help build a brighter future for all of us.

As you make your decision, I encourage you to reach out with questions and concerns, look beyond the carefully crafted rhetoric of either campaign, and consider the character of the candidates. None of us is perfect, but I believe we will be better served by someone who is humble enough to recognize their own growth opportunities, can acknowledge the good ideas of others, and who understands the importance of coalition building in order to be successful.

Mike is hosting a kickoff from 7-10 pm this Friday, May 17 at the firefighters headquarters at 12 Lakeside Lane. I hope you’ll take the time to get to know and support him the way you have me. You can learn more at SommaForDenverDistrict1.com and on social @SommaforDenverDistrict1.

This campaign has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I sincerely thank you for the opportunity. It is my deepest hope that you will stay engaged and cast your ballot in the runoff June 4.  

All my best,